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The Super Friction Spiral Concrete Screw Pile

This Patented Screw-Pile was designed specifically for the soil conditions of Southern Louisiana, where conditions vary from very soft to hard, and foundations need pilings for support to keep from sinking into the ground. The Screw Pile is adaptable for all soil conditions.
 The Screwpile is constructed of reinforced concrete; having a reinforced concrete core of 5" and an outside diameter of approximately 8 ¾. The helical threads cast around the pile’s core allow the pile to be driven into the soil by application of torque to the pile; ie; literally screwing the pile into the ground. For more information on the Screw-Pile visit our Products Page.

One of the many advantages of the screw-pile is areas of  Limited Access, Noise, Vibration and/or Overhead Clearances.The Screw-pile can be installed in very close quarters not accessible by conventional pile-driving equipment, Even INSIDE of houses. For more information on the many uses of the Super Friction Screw-Pile see our Applications Page

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