• Load test on the Screw-Pile indicate that this pile will carry from 1½ to 2 times the load of a conventional wood pile of the same size and length.
  • Ease of installation of the Screw-Pile is a prime advantage to the builder, home remodeler or consumer
  • The Screw Pile is ideal for New Homes, Garage Additions, Room Additions, and Commercial Construction. The screw pile is adaptable to any number of conditions where foundation support is needed or desired. In many areas, two treated wood piles can be replaced with only one Screw-Pile.
  • The Screw-Pile can be installed in very close quarters not accessible by conventional pile-driving equipment.  Complete elimination of noise, concussion, and insurance claims have been accomplished in the installation.
  • The permanence of the Screw-Pile is a fact.  Made of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete of very high strength, the Screw-Pile is not affected by termites or rot.
  • Short 10´ long sections have been load tested to an excess of 6,500 pounds each in the University City area of Kenner.
  • The 10´ sections are ideally suited for supporting sidewalks, carports, breeze ways, garages, flower boxes, patios, fences, swimming pools and support for sinking natural gas and sewer lines adjacent to the house.
  • Ideally suited, due to highly reinforced and prestressed construction, for use as up-lift for anchors for house trailers, camps, wharfs, docks, power lines and utility poles.
  • If an old foundation, tree trunk, or obstruction is encountered during installation, the Screw-Pile can easily be spiraled out and relocated.
  • The Screw-Pile thread, which is tapered gradually from tip to butt, "intrudes" a female soil thread around the pile that actually increases the strength of the bearing strata.
  • The Screw-Pile can be spiraled down to an exact pre-determined elevation, i.e., 1 ¾" per revolution, so that cutoffs are eliminated
  • Ecological conservation of natural resources of valuable forest and oil products.
  • A 20´ section has been load tested to 18,000 pounds (9 tons)
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